Injection Moulding Process

Perroplas can assist in the design and manufacture of injection moulds at competitive pricing. We will assist in the development of product specifications, help determine the best material selection and the use of structural moulding where desirable. If you are looking to add colour to your products Perroplas can help with colour matching. If you already have Injection moulds and just need to produce the best products possible from them. Perroplas has the capacity to manufacture for you. From concept to completion, Perroplas will be "Your partner in plastics".

Project Management

Perroplas have a strong team of experts when it comes to tool design, tooling and also manufacturing from that tooling. Our team will help take your idea from a thought, to a high quality finished product using the most cost effective designs and tooling. Also making sure that the tooling will make what it was built to manufacture in the shortest possible cyle times without compromising quality. Sound planning, communication, input, feedback and partnership on all project development is key to making this happen. We pride ourselves on developing sound relationships founded on integrity and trust, and by working with you on your project we will demonstrate our skills and ability to produce world class tooling which in turn will produce world class product.


Are you an Injection moulding company struggling to keep up with the amount of work you have on at the moment? Are you an Injection moulding company that is struggling to break even on certain jobs because the cycle times are too slow Are you an injection moulding company and you have jobs that are short run and cause a lot of downtime? Perroplas can provide a custom mould service for jobs where other injection moulders have limited capacity or require alternate competitive production pricing. Many customers can maximise their plants efficiency and productivity by outsourcing some products that are better produced by Perroplas. We will ensure deliveries in full and on time( DIFOT)

Concepts to production

We strive to be you partner in the total development cycle of your product by developing close relationships with our customers through each stage of the process. Therefore